Among several pre-wedding festive, Dholki night has no match with them. This event consist of singing, rehearsals of dances, eating good food and enjoying each other’s company since all the family and friends from far and wide are gathered.


In order to add some unique taste in your festive environment of dholak, PKweddings has brought some refreshing ideas for good decoration of ceremony hall. Enriched with colors, the Arabic theme will give your guest a relaxed yet energetic feeling with their exotic fancy dresses.

With lots of cushions, rugs, jewel colored fabric draped across the walls and ceiling, low tables , Floating candles, vase lighting,  floral decorations, ostrich feathers,and paper lanterns will make your Arabian theme dholki night a perfect which everyone will definitely enjoy and rave about it later.

Your guests will enjoy and will participate more if you offer them with energetic drum circle, when each one of you will get a drum and together the atmosphere will be lifted in fun, with everyone laughing on their naughty lyrics of the songs.

And in the end don’t forget to serve the food in platters following by Kava, this will definitely make them say “What a perfect Arabian theme for Dholak night “.


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